Injectable Treatments

All injectable treatments work a bit differently, but together treat wrinkles and smooth and/or plump the skin. 

Wrinkle Reducers




  • Blocks muscle contractions that cause lines & wrinkles
  • Smoothes out facial lines/wrinkles
  • Creates a refreshed, youthful appearance
  • Office treatment with virtually no downtime

Botox is an injectable treatment that involves careful and artistic planning. Our Plastic Surgeon or Nurse Injector will examine your facial anatomy and individualize your treatment.

Although highly unlikely you may have bruising or swelling at the injection site. It takes a few days for results to be appreciated, but is well worth it.


Volumizing products are one of today’s anti-aging solutions for natural looking results you expect and deserve. Formulated with hyaluronic acid which attracts and binds to water to keep skin looking hydrated, firm and contoured. It works very well anywhere on the face especially lips, cheeks, smile lines, jaw line and more!  Results can last 12+ months, if maintained.




• Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in the body to keep skin hydrated
• Hyaluronic acid restores lost volume & contours the face
• Attracts water like a sponge to correct deeper lines, wrinkles & folds
• Injectable treatments take only a few minutes
• Most products are made with Lidocaine for added comfort during the injection
• Achieves a refreshed, more youthful looking appearance
• Jan Costa BSN, RN is an expert injector…you can trust her with your face!

Injections are performed with either a needle or cannula depending on the type of filler and area being treated. Topical numbing cream and ice are used for your comfort.

You may experience bruising and swelling with filler injections. It is always a good idea to plan your treatment 2 weeks before any major events.



Kybella is a non-surgical, FDA-approved injection that is can be used in treating moderate to severe fat in the area below the chin. The natural molecule eats away the fat in the area that many refer to as the “double chin.” Kybella has an active ingredient called deoxycholic acid, which aids in the breaking down of fat.

• It destroys the fat cells and eliminates the appearance of fat under the chin
• Can improve the appearance and youthfulness of the overall face
• Can improve self-esteem and image

If surgery is not an option for you or you are bothered by the submental fullness, Jan Costa BSN, RN will discuss your options during your personal consultation and help you make the right choice. You should be in good health and have mature, realistic expectations.

Jan Costa BSN, RN will administer a series of injections into the fat underneath your chin.

You will have swelling for a few days to 4 weeks after your treatment. It is also possible to have numbness and discomfort for several days to weeks. Final results are maximized at 6-8 weeks.



Sculptra Aesthetic was FDA approved in 2009 for anti-aging and lipoatrophy treatments to replace lost volume. It works gradually by  encouraging new collagen production in your body. It is safe, effective and has been used for over a decade in 30 countries.

• Sculptra effectively treats facial folds, wrinkles,  & volume loss
• Gradually restores volume to hollow facial areas
• Made of biodegradable & biocompatible poly-L-lactic acid
• Over time, it thickens the skin to fill in depressed areas – naturally
• Results last 2 years & longer with a Sculptra individualized treatment program
• Immediate results when done in combination with other dermal fillers
• Safe with all injectables including Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, etc

It works well for any man or woman who wants to restore a natural, healthy appearance and fullness to the face by replacing lost volume. There are many options today, and Jan Costa BSN, RN will discuss this with you and help you decide if Sculptra is your best choice. You should be in good health and have realistic expectations.

Sculptra is not for those seeking immediate results. Sculptra works by stimulating your own collagen production. Collagen is the substance that holds the body together. Collagen forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure.  After a few weeks your body will begin to create collagen and you may notice a more youthful appearance.


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